Maintenance – maintenance of smart parking rigs

Smart Parking Solutions Joint Stock Company specializes in providing maintenance – maintenance services for high-rise parking products with many preferential policies to customers.
Periodic Maintenance
According to the operating principles of the parking system, routine maintenance should be carried out according to the following categories:
Monthly inspection and maintenance
Conducted every 2 weeks after the device is put into operation in the first 3 months.
Safety equipment and machinery must be kept clean and lubricated on time. Special attention:
– Thoroughly check the operating status of safety devices and repair them in time
time as soon as possible
– Check and lubricate when necessary
Quarterly inspection and maintenance
It is recommended to conduct every 3 months after the first year of use
All parts include:
– Hydraulic system: Engine, power supply, hydraulic control valve system, system
cylinder system, umbrella wire.
– Drive system: Steel cables, all pulley systems, engine floors,
Wheels, Chains, Rails….
– Electrodynamic system, electrical control: Main electrical box, control box,
control software, cruise limiters, magic eyes warning oversize, overload…
– Mechanical equipment system: The main frame of the device, the parking decks, the entire bus
frame link feathers, and related details.
Annual inspection and maintenance
The technical inspection of the entire equipment, including: Connection to ground and voltage tolerance of electronic components, etc. should be carried out annually. Customers need to estimate operating status and plan maintenance, annual maintenance and repair and replacement of damaged parts.
Operate when the device is not used for a long time
If after a long period of non-use or when an earthquake or fire occurs, the equipment can be put back into operation only if the entire system is thoroughly checked and the equipment is tested in the following conditions. different states such as no-load, loaded… The entire system must be in a good operating state and without defects.
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