Find the mechanism to build parking spots – build smart parking

Severe lack of parking space
According to the Hanoi Department of Transport, there are about 6.9 million vehicles (cars and motorbikes) in Hanoi, not counting the number of foreign vehicles entering and leaving the city every day. Estimated, with the growth rate of motorbikes 7.66%/year; cars 16.15%/year, by 2025, Hanoi will have 1.3 million cars and 7.3 million motorbikes; By 2030, there will be 1.7 million cars and 7.7 million motorbikes. However, it is worth mentioning that the current static traffic system (parking lots, public parking spots) is too lacking and weak, making the parking demand increasingly urgent.
Currently, the movement to build civilized streets has contributed to making the streets spacious, clean, beautiful, pedestrians have a proper place to go. However, many places have not yet implemented synchronous solutions, so many types of transport often fall into the situation of having no place to send. In the central streets of Hanoi, it is easy to see a series of car parks parked in long lines along the streets, on part of the sidewalk or the entire sidewalk, pushing pedestrians down the roadway for vehicles. This situation is also happening at some roads in new urban areas, gathering places in front of state offices, domestic and foreign representative offices, commercial centers, supermarkets, and hospitals. , school…
The reason for this situation is that the planning cannot keep up with the population growth rate and the development speed of means of transport. Accordingly, currently the percentage of land for static traffic is too low while the growth rate of vehicles, especially personal cars, is increasing dramatically.
According to a study by the Institute of Transport Strategy and Development (Ministry of Transport), the total area of ​​static traffic in Hanoi currently is more than 90 hectares, only meeting 8-10% of demand. parking bridge, leading to an outbreak of illegal parking spots, improper planning and unreasonable layout. Meanwhile, many organizations and individuals engaged in business, exploiting parking spots lead to uncontrollable and unmanageable situations, causing confusion, insecurity, disrupting planning and causing loss of revenue to the State. . In addition, the construction planning process is still limited, even in determining the location and the size of the land fund is poor, leading to poor technical infrastructure of parking spots and parking lots. monotonous parking, mainly on the ground, lack of and unsynchronized service equipment…
Need more specific mechanism
In order to meet the parking needs of the people, Hanoi has identified 1,480 locations (about 1,200.71 hectares of land) planned for public parking, as well as calling for the development of plans and guidelines for socialization. invest in underground parking lots, but so far everything is still on paper. The cause of this situation is that few investors dare to “spend even money to collect change”, because the initial investment capital is large, but it can only be paid back and profitable after several decades, so investors do not few care.
In order to remove difficulties and attract investors to participate in the construction of parking lots, the Hanoi People’s Committee recently submitted and approved a number of policies by the City Council, such as supporting 100% of parking land rent. vehicle in the first 10 years; 100% support for import tax on equipment and technological lines directly serving the parking lot construction project; investors are allowed to use up to 30% of the underground construction floor area of ​​the project for commercial exploitation… At the same time, investors are allowed to sell some parking spaces after the investment is completed and are not allowed to exploit exploit temporary parking lots within a radius of 500 m; develop a separate mechanism for parking prices at socialized parking lots, creating conditions for investors to pay back their capital early so that they can confidently invest in the construction of parking lots.
Traffic experts say that the city needs to take more drastic measures to address the need for parking spaces in the area, or take advantage of the empty spaces that have not been fully utilized to make temporary parking, such as: arrange parking spots alternately in green areas of parks, underground parking spots under new constructions… In principle, this is not a long-term solution, but it will partly reduce parking pressure. vehicles in the inner city.
It is not until now that the city and related departments of Hanoi consider building a static traffic system to meet the increasing parking needs of the people. However, with the current exponential growth rate of private vehicles, while the infrastructure for stationary traffic is too little, congestion on the streets of the Capital will still occur. .

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