By 2030, Hanoi plans to build 1,538 public parking lots

City People’s Committee Hanoi has just submitted a proposal to the City Council to approve the planning of bus stations, parking lots, logistics centers and rest stops in the city. Hanoi to 2030, vision to 2050.
According to this report, it is expected that in the period 2018 – 2025, Hanoi will invest in 5 intercity bus station projects (including Co Bi, Dong Anh, Noi Bai, Southern and Son Tay 1 berths), total the area is about 41.95ha, the estimated investment is about 2,300 billion VND; 5 truck terminals (Yen Vien, Southern bus station, East Co Bi wharf, Khuyen Luong wharf and Ha Dong wharf), total area 57ha, estimated investment is about 2,570 billion VND; 4 logistics centers (east, northeast, north and south), total area 39ha, investment is about 1,950 billion.
During this period, the city plans to build 204 public parking projects, concentrated in the inner city, with a parking area of ​​about 183.56 hectares, with a total investment forecast of about VND 29,872 billion (mainly VND 29,872 billion). with social capital).
In the period of 2025 – 2030, the city will invest in 12 bus station projects in satellite towns (Pung wharf, West station, Cam Thuong, Xuan Khanh, North Hoa Lac, South Hoa Lac, Xuan Mai, etc.) Temple of Mon, Phu Xuyen, Mai Dinh, Tan Minh), total area is about 57ha, estimated investment is about 3,254 billion VND; 8 truck terminal projects (Pung, Son Tay, Hoa Lac, Phung Hiep, Phu Xuyen, Soc Son), total area of ​​about 83ha, estimated investment of about 3,850 billion dong; The remaining 5 logistics center projects (North, Northwest, Southwest, Phu Xuyen I and Phu Xuyen II), with a total area of ​​about 49 hectares, an estimated investment of about 2,500 billion VND.
Also in this period, the city is expected to invest in about 1,334 public parking projects, with a total investment estimated at 232,723 billion VND. Thus, from now to 2030, the city is expected to have 1,538 more public parking lots, with a total investment of about 262,595 billion VND (for both phases).
According to the report, for the planning of intercity bus stations, existing intercity bus stations are located deep within the central urban area (Gia Lam bus station, My Dinh bus station, Giap Bat bus station, bus station). Groundwater) is temporarily retained and continued to be exploited during the transition period to implement the planning of inter-provincial bus stations and only upgraded and renovated on the basis of the existing scale.
In the medium-term period, Yen So bus station will be built, with an area of ​​about 3.4 hectares to “support” the existing bus stations. In the long term, after the investment is completed, the main Southern passenger bus side (Ngoc Hoi area – Ring road 4), Yen So and Nuoc Ngam bus stations will be simultaneously converted into a transit hub. Public passenger transport combined with parking. At that time, the inter-provincial bus routes being operated at these two bus stations will be transferred to the central central bus station in the South.
In the long term, there will be 7 new intercity bus stations serving the central urban area (including 10ha Northern bus station; 5.3ha Dong Anh bus station; Northeast passenger bus station (Co Bi bus station). 10.4ha; Southern bus station 10ha; Yen Nghia bus station 7ha; West bus station 5ha; Northwest bus station (Pung) 15ha.
In satellite towns, the planning of bus stations in line with the general planning of satellite towns has been approved (Phu Xuyen satellite town with 1 berth (5ha); Xuan Mai satellite town with 2 berths (with 2 berths). 6ha); Hoa Lac satellite town with 3 berths (15ha); Son Tay satellite town with 4 berths (10.65ha); Soc Son satellite town with 3 berths (7.5ha).
Along with that, in district towns and eco-towns, bus stations with a scale of 1-5 ha will be arranged to meet the needs of people.
Regarding the planning of the parking lot network, the report of the City People’s Committee. According to Hanoi, within the central urban area, 1,480 concentrated public parking locations are planned with a total area of ​​1197.8 hectares.
In which, there are 74 construction sites for underground parking (accounting for 5%, mainly in the historic inner city); 450 high-rise parking lots (accounting for 30.4%), the rest are public parking lots which are determined in accordance with the approved subdivision planning projects, detailed planning, updated and matched. connection with investment projects.

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